Rieca's work is defined by intense color and attention to detail. Each unique piece is a combination of color, objects, words and phrases, and cannot be duplicated. Sly wit and social commentary, punctuated with sensual snippets, makes each piece a playful, provocative puzzle.

The creative process is long and labor-intensive. Rieca spends hours searching through printed materials for striking images. She cuts out each picture or phrase using small sewing scissors, and files it away with thousands of others.

Rieca prefers vintage wooden furniture for her frame, due to the stressed nature of the wood. The shape and original purpose of the furniture often suggests a theme. She sorts through words and phrases that reinforce or tweak the original theme. Like pieces in a puzzle, each individual picture ties into the theme, both in color and idea. Many pictures and phrases have double meanings and visual puns.

Each picture is glued on by hand to cover and conform to the furniture’s shapes and detail. It can take months to finish a single piece. When finished, the piece is sealed with multiple layers of shellac, which brings out the luster of the piece.

Rieca lives and works in Northern California.

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